Frequently Asked Questions

This is a place on our Website where we can answer some of your questions! You are also able to send us a message with any of your questions or concerns. You may also call us directly at 651-698-1448. 

Question: Do you take Reservations?

Answer: We do not take reservations, simply because you do not need one! We are a fast-casual Ramen restaurant. This means that you come in and order at our counter full of fresh ingredients and can have your meal made in just minutes! We are the fastest ramen restaurant in town!

Question: Do you offer Carry-Out?

Answer: We absolutely do! You may come in, order and carry-out your food. You may also order through our website for carry-out. We even have a RAH'MN app that may be downloaded through The Apple Store and Google play which allows you to order carry-out as well. 

Question: Are you an Authentic Ramen restaurant? 

Answer: Of course we are! We make everything in as authentic of a way as any other Ramen restaurant. We make everything from scratch, we create dashi and all of our broths are made from scratch. We do not use bases, msg to cut corners. Some critics think we are not authentic because we have a modern serving approach. However even in Japan Ramen is served in a million different ways, you can even get great ramen from a vending machine!

Question: Why is your ramen served like this? 

Answer: We want to take Ramen into a more modern service style for the American audience! We know in today's America, time, value, and convenience is important to everyone! So we wanted to create a way we could service you better! So we are fast! No waiting for tables, no waiting to order, no waiting on your server, no waiting on your bill. Value, we offer a great, made-from-scratch meal for a fair value. There are plenty of Ramen restaurants who charge double for the same size bowl, made from less quality. Convenience, you can order delivery, carry-out, great for all diets, allergies, easy ordering and service. Who doesn't appreciate convenience!

Question: What is the difference between the noodles that you offer?

Answer: We offer two types of Noodles at RAH'MN. Our traditional Wheat Noodle is Yellow in color and is our traditional Ramen Noodle offering. It is vegan too! We also offer our Rice noodles which are White and slightly bigger than our traditional noodle. These are gluten-free and Vegan as well! Noodles for everyone! 

Question: Are you Kid-Friendly?

Answer: We LOVE Kids at RAH'MN! We are the best Ramen restaurant for families and kids! We are the only ramen restaurant to offer a Kid's bowl for only $4.95! The kids can choose their own veggies which kids and parents alike appreciate. We have high chairs, comfortable booths, and an easy ordering process. We are fast for the impatient kids, with no waiting like reservation restaurants. Our menu is more approachable, no Japanese or hard to understand ingredients. We use high quality ingredients, no msg, we do not add sugar, or heavy levels of sodium. So its better for the kids too. We even have a spoon that we created that is great for kids! (or anyone who has trouble with chopsticks) 

Question: Do you Recycle? 

Answer: We do! We believe in reducing our carbon footprint! We recycle, we use locally sourced ingredients, and even more ethically raised and farmed ingredients. 

Question: How is this different than the 25 Cent packs of Ramen at the Grocery store?

Answer: We make all of our food from scratch! All of our food is Fresh, High-Quality and we even use Organic where we are able to! We do not use MSG (Which is what that flavor packet is in the 25 cent ramen) We also do not add a ton of salt to our food. Yes you can buy a 25 cent pack of Ramen, you can always buy a 100.00 car too. But somethings are worth spending a little more on to have true quality! 

Question: Ramen versus PHO? Are they the same? 

Answer: No, they are quite different. Ramen began in China and was made popular in Japan. It is made with an alkaline noodle consisting of wheat. Where PHO originates from Vietnam and uses a flat rice noodle. Ramen is traditionally made from Pork, served with savory ingredients, and slow cooked meats. PHO is typically made from Beef or Chicken, it is as clearer broth than a ramen broth. PHO has thinly sliced meats that cook in the temperature of the broth, and uses herbs and more lighter ingredients than ramen. 

Question: Do you want to be like the other Ramen restaurants?

Answer: No, we like our uniqueness! We are not trying to be a small, dark, low-lit, ramen house. We want you to have windows, great lighting, upbeat music, and not feel like your eating in feudal Japan. Our menu is not in Japanese or with ingredients that you have to decipher with google and your phone. We want you to have your occasions for the more full-service style ramen if that is what you like. However now you have some Great options! You have a fast, convenient, value, kid-friendly, modern, approachable, allergy-friendly ramen restaurant; RAH'MN! We even have great salads which is another fresh, delicious difference! You can not always sit down and eat for an hour, let us get you your food in 5 minutes! 

Question: Do you use MSG?

Answer: We do not, we do not believe in that stuff! We believe in cooking the right, healthier way!

Question: I've had Ramen at other places in town and its so salty or seems unhealthy. How does your ramen compare?

Answer: We actually do not add sugar to our broths like many others. We also put much less salt and sodium in our food. We want to be the healthier ramen option for you! We offer more vegetables, Vegetarian, Vegan and 98% of our menu is even Gluten-Free! We do not have the nutritional facts for our food yet, but since we make everything from scratch we have more control of keeping it healthy for you! 

Question: Are you a Franchise? Are there multiple RAH'MN's?

Answer: We are an independent, small business in St. Paul, MN. We are currently just the one restaurant, however we do hope to grow! We are hoping to grow and expand sooner than later! If you are interested in possible franchising or expanding with RAH'MN you are always welcome to contact us! Thank you for the support! 

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