RAH’MN is a ‘Build Your Own’ or ‘Build as you go’ concept restaurant for the popular Japanese soup, Ramen Noodles. We provide many advantages compared to the traditional ramen restaurant. As a casual quick-service Soup and Salad restaurant featuring fresh noodles, fresh vegetables, and savory broths, RAH’MN provides convenience with an abundance of fresh, nutritious and affordable meal options.

When you arrive at RAH'MN, you will be welcomed by our friendly staff, you will choose between a soup, green salad or noodle salad. You will immediately notice our abundant selection of fresh vegetables, flavor enhanced oils, high quality meats, and savory broths. In addition to our impressive selection of ingredients, you will be able to build your bowl within 3 minutes. All bowls are packaged for convenient carry out, or dine in.

We Believe in an Affordable and Delicious Meal

RAH’MN provides a more convenient, healthy, fast, full meal option based on the traditional Japanese Ramen Soup. Whether it is a warm comforting bowl of RAH’MN soup, Fresh Noodle Salad, or a Crisp Green Salad, we are dedicated to quality and attention to detail. We cook our broths for 8 hours, prepare our meats, dressings and sauces from scratch, and are committed to bringing the freshest-quality produce to our guests. With over 6,500 combinations of bowls, you can be assured a fun and personalized experience every time you come in! The Build-your-own style allows every guest the opportunity to create a meal that will best fit their mood, lifestyle, experimental side, or just that honest craving!

We are Fast and Convenient!

RAH’MN is the restaurant of choice for fast, convenient Ramen Soups and Salads. Served in a “Build-as you-go” ordering line, guests are able to quickly move through the line in a matter of minutes. We also offer online ordering for added convenience. This is a great option for people on the go or with busy schedules. Finding the time to fit in a healthy and filling meal can be difficult to balance, but at RAH'MN you can have the best of both worlds!

Going Green Through and Through

We believe that food is more than what you eat! Food can represent your health, lifestyle, values and beliefs. We believe in a healthy meal that not only looks and tastes good but is also good for you! We always use freshly prepared vegetables and high quality ingredients, and never use MSG. We are committed to making everything from scratch, so you can be certain it is fresh and has no preservatives. RAH’MN features salads and noodle bowls to give you the guest as many healthy varieties as possible! When you see RAH’MN’s fresh medleys of greens and vegetables you will instantly be inspired to create your own unique healthy meal. 

Ideal for Individuals with Dietary Restrictions, Gluten-Free, Vegetarian and Vegan

We believe at RAH’MN that just because you have a dietary restriction, it should not be a restriction on your experience. We warmly welcome and equally accommodate all guests with dietary restrictions and offer a menu full of abundant choices. All of our proteins from chicken to tofu are Gluten-Free! We also offer Gluten-Free Noodles and broths, and a Miso-Mushroom Broth that is 100% Vegan! Every guest is able to indulge in a savory soup, fresh salad or a noodle bowl, and a wide variety of healthy vegetables and dressings. At RAH’MN it's easy to create a personalized meal for individuals whom so often feel challenged by the limitations of other restaurant menus.

A Bowl Just For You!

With over 6,500 combinations of bowls, every time you come in is a new, fun and personalized experience! The Build-your-own style allows every guest the opportunity to create a meal that will best fit their mood, lifestyle, experimental side, or just that honest craving! Share your ideas on our Facebook/rahmn.online, snap a pic on Instagram: rahmnusa or tweet all about it to our twitter: rahmnUSA. Change up your choice or stick with your go-to, it’s your choice, always. Whether it's soup on Monday, salad on Tuesday, or noodles on Wednesday, we will be here to greet you with a smile and make sure you truly have a memorable RAH’MN experience. �


300 Snelling Avenue South, Suite A,

St. Paul, MN 55105

Phone. 651-698-1448