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1. To Join Online: Simply fill out the Email Box Below. Please include your name, email address, and type "RAH'MN REWARDS" in the subject line. In the message box please include your telephone number with the area code. We will only use your number for an identification number. Once you have submitted your email, we will input you into our system and your new RAH'MN REWARDS account will be set up!

2. Join when you come into RAH'MN: Upon purchasing your meal at the cash register, please inform a RAH'MN Associate that you are interested in joining RAH'MN REWARDS! The associate will ask you to write your name, telephone number, we will only use this as an identification number for your RAH'MN REWARDS Account) on the back of your receipt. You may write your email as well, but this is not required. We will create your account and credit you your points that you have earned. It is that simple!

RAH"MN REWARDS Point Information, Redemption Tiers, and Details

RAH'MN REWARDS Point Information and Qualifying Items

RAH'MN Bowl, Soup, Noodle Salad, Green Salad: 10 Points          RAH'MINI, RAH'MINI with Protein (Children's Meal): 3 Points

Protein Add-Ons, Beef, Chicken, Pork, Tofu, Egg: 1 Point               Fountain Soda, Specialty Beverage (Non-Alc.): 1 Point

Chicken or Vegetable Spring Rolls: 2 Points                                     Cookies, Chips and Cakes: 1 Point

RAH'MN REWARDS Redemption Tiers  

Complimentary Fountain Beverage: 20 Points                                 Complimentary Specialty Drink: 30 Points

Complimentary Bowl (Protein not included): 50 Points  

RAH'MN REWARDS Details and The Fine Print

RAH'MN REWARDS is a card-less Loyalty program, that rewards loyal guests on their purchases at RAH'MN.

RAH'MN REWARDS redemption cannot be combined or used in conjunction with any other RAH'MN offers unless specified by the promotion. Ie. If you have a buy one, get one free coupon. You will not earn rewards on the free bowl. Discounted Item promotions will not be available for rewards.

RAH'MN REWARDS is not available for Online Ordering or any Delivery Service that services RAH'MN.

RAH'MN REWARDS Redemption of a complimentary bowl does not include any protein add-ons. If a guest redeems their free bowl they will be required to pay for any additional protein toppings that they add.

Redeeming RAH'MN REWARDS: The guest is able to redeem the free bowl on the following visit after they have earned the 50 point minimum. Points are accrued after the purchase has been completed. Thus a guest who has 45 points may not redeem their bowl as free since they will accrue the 10 points after they purchase the current bowl, not before. They will have 55 points and may redeem on their next visit.

RAH'MN REWARDS Points carry no cash value and may not be traded or substituted for any other item, promotion, gratuities or anything outside the RAH'MN REWARDS Program.

There is no cap to the amount of points that can be earned on a single visit.

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